Corporate Social Responsibility


As a service oriented company, SDR strives to achieve economic viability without lowering our standards of integrity or sacrificing our values. Our company view sustainability as a tool for economic development. In order to remain sustainable, all of our practices take into account environmental health of our community and our social resources such as employees and clients. At SDR our company has selected a diverse population of both staff and business partners who put the same amount of emphasis on social responsibility as we do.

SDR strives to continually reduce the company’s environmental footprint and impact. We are always introducing new sustainability principles to our employees. We have recently switched many of our operations to digital and will continue to reduce our paper usage to eventually become a paperless company. Recyclable materials are used in the majority of our practices everyday. Our warehouses only use reusable cardboard and we practice wood recycling in every one of our locations. We feel it is very important preserve the environment we live in for future generations to come.

As a part of our growing community, we at SDR do all that we can to add value to everyday life. Supporting causes that mean the most to us is something that we do on an annual basis. Some of the causes that we help support are the MS Society of Canada, The Hospital for Sick Children and many minor league hockey associations. SDR feels that as a growing company it is our duty to do our part within the community

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